It is a hotel where you can look over Lake Biwa and is very close to JR OgotoOnsen Station.
Shuttle bus will soon come pick you up , so please call us after you get to OgotoOnsen station

Front desk / Lobby

There is free transportation service from the
Ogoto-onsen station.
Please let us know beforehand by phone when in use.
We are more than happy to provide the information
needed at the information desk.

Cafe : Yusuraume
Cafe to enjoy the nature view.

Shop : Hanaoretouge
There are souvenirs and food from Kyoto and Shiga.

Library : Ohmi mukashibanashi
There is a library Shiga.
And the old animation stories of Shiga are shown every night.

Sightseeing information booth
There are many English guide books about Shiga and Kyoto.

Japanese style restaurant : Satoyama

Japanese style restaurant : Souten

Wine Bar : Yamaboushi
You can enjoy the jazz music and varieties of drinks here in this bar.

Karaoke Lounge : Nadi
Karaoke and drinks are enjoyable here.

Garden pool